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Music went well with the game. Sound effects and particle effects when hitting the mines would have been a nice touch. Graphics are good. Would have liked to see some sort of win screen :) Was a tad too easy as well but a nice experience. Good work with this jam!

Thanks for feedback man, we still working on game, soon it'll have much more features and more level of difficult

Good music, some more sound effects would be great.


Thanks man, we are working on putting more sound Fx and more features as well.

Cool game! The graphics and music were really nice. I wish there were some SFX, and maybe more intense visual feedback for hitting the mines.

Very clean and polished otherwise!

Thanks man, we'll be adding more things, features etc in the future.

Love the game, The music was awesome

Thank you! ^^

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I especially like the music. I made it to the bottom, but didn't see anything there. I take it there's no victory screen yet?

Yes, man, we couldn't make a victory screen in time :v sorry man